1) Snooki

When I watched Jersey Shore I never would have believed that the loud mouthed party girl Snooki would become someone I would look up to. However, after slaying it in the gym and maintaining a strict healthy diet, Snooki not only lost over 40lb but has kept it off! That's hugely successful and should be an inspiration to women everywhere: if Snooki can do it so can you! Moreover, now that she's reached her ideal weight she focuses on building muscle and definition, spreading the message that we should be aiming to be fit, strong and HEALTHY not just skinny. That's the most important message for society right now: health is the  priority!


2) Rob Gillett

Fans of Supersize vs Superskinny may remember Rob. A supersizer who at 5ft 3 weighed in at a shocking 574lb when the show aired. He had a momentous sweet tooth, which had resulted in the loss of many of his teeth, and was at risk of serious health problems thanks to his 7000 calories a day diet. Since the show, and with a lot of hard work and commitment he has lost 406lb leaving him at a far healthier 180lb. Rob went from needing a taxi to take him to the bus stop, to attending the gym 6 times a week. He swapped the donuts for a calorie controlled diet and most importantly dealt with his issues with food in order to stop it from being an emotional crutch.

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